Mike Martin is a member of my extended Arkansas family. He truly embodies the prayer of St. Francis in all ways. Mike walks in a light of child-like, Christ-like love for all God’s creatures – both people and animals alike , and he is a miracle. The fact that he walks is a miracle. Mike recently suffered a “hangman's break”, or the “Superman break” (this is the same break actor Christopher Reeve had.) Mike walked into the medical facility following his accident (to the astonishment of the medical team.) After multiple examinations by specialists, and a lengthy and chancy surgery, Mike walked out of the hospital, 2 days post-surgery. He was in the process of renovating a home for him and his dogs, Bobo and Josie May, when the accident occurred, and of course, plans and money allocations took a detour.

I have chosen some photos that I feel best reflect Mike's spirit. These are things that he loves, and they make up this album “Mike's Trailer.” ALL profits from the sales of every photo in this album will go directly to the purchase of materials needed for the renovation. This is an on-going project, and I will continue to add photos until renovations are complete. If you enjoy any of the photos, purchase one (or more) for your home, and let's help Mike, Bobo, and Josie May get into theirs.

You can read more of Mike's miraculous story on Facebook by searching for @RenovationMikesTrailer, and keep up with the progress there, or click: http://www.facebook.com/RenovateMikesTrailer/ Click this link for a video to meet Mike and hear his story: https://vimeo.com/179537234?utm_source=email&utm_medium=vimeo-cliptranscode-201504&utm_campaign=28749

Pictures are processed by a high-end photofinishing lab delivering professional quality prints using only the best materials and packaging. Orders will be shipped directly to you from the lab.

Many thanks for supporting Mike, and supporting my art, and blessings to y'all
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